Webinar #2 will be held Tuesday, July 9, 11:00 – 12:30 pm.

You will connect through Zoom as with the first Webinar. You can connect either online or by phone.

Online go to: https://zoom.us/j/4877644368

If you prefer to connect by phone, call: (669) 900-6833. Then enter the Meeting ID: 487 764 4368 (no participant ID is required, just press # to continue).

Before the webinar, please read the sample partnership (project) agreement. It can be found here:

Sample Document: Memorandum of Understanding

Review the following typical roles on the day of a CAW. Please come prepared to discuss during Webinar #2 the top two roles you would like to practice during the CAW TOT and why.

Typical roles on the day of a CAW:

  • Welcome table and evaluation: 1 person works at the welcome table, greeting participants, signing them in, and assigning each person to a table. Participants are assigned so that there are a mix of people who are new to archiving with those who are more expert. This person also makes sure no one leaves without filling out an evaluation form, and does a preliminary report on the evaluations during the de-brief (on Wednesday).
  • Table captains: We need 4 people in this role. The table captain helps the teams at their table put the data template/spreadsheet on their laptop, and makes sure that everyone names their template files correctly. At the end of the day, the table captain collects all of the files from the participants at that table. The table captain reviews the first few entries by each team, and consults with the trainers for any questions about how inspection or description is being done. This is a wonderful way to become experts with the template and to practice facilitation!
  • Box table: We need 2-3 people in this role. The workers at the box table keep track of the totality of boxes that are being inspected and inventoried. They assign boxes and a set of labels to each table, and when the boxes are collected, re-box them as needed. These workers are responsible for tracking what item numbers ultimately end up in what boxes. This role gives you a chance to practice the tasks in the overall management of the CAW, and to experience first-hand how the archival materials are organized and tracked.
  • Presentations: We need 3 brave presenters. One presenter will present background on magnetic media, one on film, and one person will provide the what, why and how of the CAW (modeled after the Webinar #1 presentation). The presentations will be prepared by the trainers, but these people will actually present the materials and with the help of the trainers, answer questions. This is a great way to learn about deterioration factors for video and film, to become an expert in the template and workflow, and to practice presenting!

We look forward to our discussion!