Learning Goals

  • To understand how one agrees on a scope for a CAW, understanding the key points of agreement between planning groups and partners
  • To understand different types of collections, and what works best for a CAW
  • To understand how scope affects the CAW workflow – back and forth between what is desired and what is possible; in other words, managing expectations


45 min. for generic version; longer if want to incorporate any group activities or role play.


Assigned readings

Teaching Breakdown

30 min. Presentation and discussion
If time, could have some scenarios of collections that they we could compare and contrast in terms of suitability. Alternatively, the trainers could demo a conversation between a site and the group (or trainees could do it themselves) where information is or is not gained from the conversation.

Resources Needed

  • Presentation on scope of work – the scope of work prepares one for the workflow – fewer surprises – what can and needs to be done ahead of timeVideos/photo galleries/”share your CAW”

Trainer’s Notes

Module 4 Trainer’s Notes DOCX | PDF