Learning Goals

  • To increase knowledge of the basic CAW model, including its history and results
  • To understand their participation in the expansion of the CAW model
  • To understand the larger planning, follow-up and evaluation processes that are necessary for a successful CAW
  • To understand the specific goals of this grant/project (including toolkit), how participants fit in and have impact on the TOT and CAW model


35 min.


Participants watch one or more videos to illustrate typical/relevant CAWs. Could ask participants to take notes in several areas: observations about process, needed tasks, roles, collaborations.

Teaching Breakdown

10 min. – Large group discussion. What are your thoughts/observations about the CAW process from watching the video? What do you think would be important for a successful CAW?

25 min. 3 part presentation, putting what they saw on the video in larger context:

20 min. – Agenda review for all training stages.
Check against desires/expectations. May also want to agree on norms.

  • Basic overview of purpose of CAW and what happens at a CAW
  • Basic overview of history and results – inception and implementation
  • Broad strokes (typical timeline) stages from beginning of planning finalizing data, conducting evaluation, and contributing to toolkit. (For this project, also timeline may go beyond this through digitization stage.)

Resources Needed

  • Videos/photo galleries/”share your CAW”
  • Form to guide note-taking on video
  • Sandra’s presentation on CAWs (will need additions)

Trainer’s Notes

Module 2 Trainer’s Notes