Learning Goals

  • To meet and gain comfort with the group leaders and participants
  • To understand the overall TOT curriculum and goals, and the immediate agenda
  • To come to agreement on expectations


75 min. if on-site and includes ice-breaker; 45 min. if remote


Participants are asked to post a summary of their organization and collections in advance of the meeting, and read through those of others (mission statement; finding aids; pictures of shelves/piles/etc.)

Teaching Breakdown

25 min. – Welcome; trainers introduce themselves; ask participants to introduce themselves.
For example, where they are from and
1) what feel most confident about in terms of CAW planning and delivery
2) what is the top thing they want to know how to do by end of training
Record on computer/flip chart.
Estimate of time based on 8-10 participants; more time may be needed for more people.

30 min. (5 min. Intro; 10 min. working; 15 min. looking/discussing and getting back to seats.) – Ice breaker (this one Marie did in PDA training or another) Draw and post pictures about how you organize – Are you a piler, filer or spring cleaner?

20 min. – Agenda review for all training stages.
Check against desires/expectations. May also want to agree on norms.

Resources Needed

  • Form to guide needed pre-session information on organization/collection
  • Agenda by day/time
  • For icebreaker: paper, colored pencils, might need paper behind the drawings if cannot tape directly to wall. Pre-make 3 signs – piler, filer, spring cleaner
  • Possibly flip chart paper for listing strengths and desires/expectations

Trainer’s Notes

Module 1 Trainer’s Notes